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Do’s and Dont’s With a Bulging Disc

If you suspect you have a bulging disc (“slipped disc“) it is vitally important you understand how certain things will make the bulge worse, and to avoid them… 1) sitting 2) hot baths 3) bending forwards 4) driving All the above will put increased pressure on the damaged disc and will likely increase the bulge Do look at the other related posts on discs and how they buldge


Poor Posture?                     At Wollaston Osteopaths we are hot on posture. Many conditions are maintained by posture and ’21st Century Living’ doesn’t help. We reverse poor posture in very quick time – usually a session or two A couple of points about posture: A good posture should be relaxed and not forced ‘chest out & shoulders back’ military type posture is a misnomer and in fact bad posture improving posture can help with general health & wellbeing

Torn/Bulging Discs

A herniated disc (disc bulge) is a common cause of lower back pain. The two bottom discs in the lumbar spine, those between the 4th and 5th vertebrae (L4-5) and between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral vertebrae (L5-S1) are the discs that are most prone to bulges or herniations. A herniation happens when the thick outer layer (annulus fibrosis) of an intervertebral disc bulges or ruptures. When this happens the gel-like interior of the disc (nucleus pulposus) can break through the outer annulus and protrude out into the intervertebral space where it can press on a spinal nerve causing leg pain, […]