Conditions Treated

Headaches (all types)

Osteopathy for headaches and migraines The simple answer to whether osteopathy can help treat headaches is ‘yes’. Osteopathy is a highly effective treatment for headaches and migraines as tension in the muscles and bones are usually the cause of head pain. Tense muscles release chemicals that can trigger headaches. Nerves that are responsible for head pain are close to the nerves that start between the bones of the spine and neck – the areas of the body where osteopaths focus their treatment. As we know that the majority of headaches are caused by tension and poor posture, osteopathy is ideally placed to […]


The term sciatica usually refers to leg pain and sometimes erroneously attributed to a ‘slipped disc’. See ‘torn/bulging discs’  Sciatica is a very painful condition, and one which osteopaths very often see presenting in their practices. The osteopath will determine the cause of your leg pain and treat acordingly Techniques used are soft-tissue, massage, articulation and mobilisation, and manipulation where necessary. Treatment maybe combined with acupuncture for pain relief and healing. Everything is directed to encourage the body to mend itself

Torn/Bulging Discs

A herniated disc (disc bulge) is a common cause of lower back pain. The two bottom discs in the lumbar spine, those between the 4th and 5th vertebrae (L4-5) and between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral vertebrae (L5-S1) are the discs that are most prone to bulges or herniations. A herniation happens when the thick outer layer (annulus fibrosis) of an intervertebral disc bulges or ruptures. When this happens the gel-like interior of the disc (nucleus pulposus) can break through the outer annulus and protrude out into the intervertebral space where it can press on a spinal nerve causing leg pain, […]

Neck Pain

Whether you’re young or not so young, neck pain can effect you, and can be very painful and debilitating. There are many causes of neck pain and it is your Osteopath’s job to find what is causing it. Quite often the cause is somewhere else completely, for example it is not uncommon to treat the feet when helping to alleviate neck or shoulder pain. This is because if there is imbalance in the arches of the feet there will be compensations going all the way up the body. While this is an extreme example the point is the body is osteopathically treated […]