Osteopathy for headaches and migraines

The simple answer to whether osteopathy can help treat headaches is ‘yes’. Osteopathy is a highly effective treatment for headaches and migraines as tension in the muscles and bones are usually the cause of head pain. Tense muscles release chemicals that can trigger headaches. Nerves that are responsible for head pain are close to the nerves that start between the bones of the spine and neck – the areas of the body where osteopaths focus their treatment.

As we know that the majority of headaches are caused by tension and poor posture, osteopathy is ideally placed to provide treatment and relief in these areas. Prolonged muscle tightness in the neck leads to the joints and nerves compressing which causes pain. Movement of fluids, particularly blood and lymph also become restricted. Poor circulation affects oxygen delivery to the brain and prevents waste product removal – this also creates pain and discomfort.

How does osteopathy help with headaches?

Osteopathy treatment uses massage to the muscles and manipulation to the joints of the neck and spine. By stretching out muscles and supporting ligaments, muscle spasms relax allowing better movement and drainage of bodily fluids. Osteopathy helps headache sufferers to find relief from their pain and restores bodily functions to help with natural healing.