My Osteopathic journey began back in 1991 when a very serious road traffic accident left me incapacitated and needing a lengthy rehabilitation. At 21 I found myself needing to learn to walk again. I become focused on the processes involved in my recovery, which is where a career in something I needed most myself began!

The physiotherapy I received when in Oswestry Spinal Injuries Unit was exemplary, but once back at home, I realised I was on my own, so quickly learnt self-help and alternative therapy was the best way to improved health. I underwent a number of treatments, including a course of Rolfing,  and a form of bodywork therapy called Reichian Therapy (not to be confused with Reiki) – one of its core objectives is breathing and its importance with overall health.

Aspects from both of these disciplines is something I have integrated into my treatments.


Training took a few turns in the eight years needed to finally realise my goal of being a registered Osteopath. Starting with Remedial & Sports Massage, progressing to Manipulative Therapy, and finally a 5 year BSc (Hons) degree at Oxford Brookes University.

Brookes’ School of Osteopathy is one of the most contemporary and forward thinking in the country. My final year’s specialisation was an amalgamation of all my interests, developing a new and previously undocumented technique application. I use this gentle technique extensively to almost totally liberate and ‘un-lock’ long standing areas of tension, helping almost every condition I treat from headaches to IBS to tennis elbow.

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