Your first visit to Wollaston Osteopaths

The format for visiting an osteopath is fairly similar, regardless of which one you go to. Your osteopath will go through a case history followed by general and more specific medical questions. Some of the questions may seem somewhat unrelated, for example how long is your commute to work and how do you usually do this, or questions about your diet etc. Osteopaths treat conditions in many ways and a full a picture as possible is needed to be able to treat your condition as effectively and safely as possible.

An examination will follow, usually needing partial undressing. Even for problems in the upper body, for example shoulders or neck, a full standing examination is needed as posture can significantly influence the upper body. Shorts, legins or small tops can be worn in the consideration of modesty

Your examination findings will be discussed, along with the likely underlying factors of your condition. Treatment, as well as likely treatment length will also be talked through.

Post treatment exercises may be given, and you can see some of them here